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Eugene Onegin
Alexander Pushkin
Eugene Onegin
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Eugene Onegin in 1,000 words:
Eugene Onegin 1830 Summary of the poem Casting Time: 15-20 min. In the original - 70-90 min. A young nobleman, Eugene Onegin travels from St. Petersburg to the village to his rich uncle dying, vexed at the upcoming boredom. Eugene received twenty-four in childhood education at home, raised his French tutors. He is fluent in French, it is easy to dance, knew a little Latin, in a conversation could remain silent or the time to shine epigram - that was enough to light reacted to it favorably. Onegin is a life full of secular pleasures and love affairs. Every day he receives several invitations to the evening went for a walk on the boulevard, and then dinner at the restaurateur, and then goes to the theater. Homes Eugene spent much time in front of a mirror for the bathroom. In his office has all the fashion jewelry and accessories: perfumes, combs, nail files, scissors, brushes. "One can be nice man / And think of the beauty of nails." Onegin again in a hurry - now the ball. Celebration in full swing, the music, "flying legs lovely ladies' ... Returning from the Ball, Eugene goes to bed early in the morning, when St. Petersburg is already awakened. "And tomorrow is the same as yesterday." But Eugene is happy? No, all he got bored: friends, beauty, light entertainment. Like Byron's Childe Harold, he was sullen and disappointed, Onegin, shut up the house, trying to read a lot, tries to write itself - but to no avail. He re-masters the blues. After the death of his father,
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