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Dedicated to Yalta
Joseph Brodsky
Dedicated to Yalta
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Dedicated to Yalta in 1,000 words:
Several people suspected of murder, the investigator give testimony, as contained in the order in which they were taken. Questions of the investigator, we do not hear, but reconstructing the content of their answers questioned. Man, attracted as a witness or a suspect in the investigation of the murder, answers questions of the investigator. From his answers that Saturday night, his friend had come to him to make out Chigorin Chess sketch of what they agreed on Tuesday on the phone. However, on Saturday afternoon his friend called and said that he could not come in the evening. Giving the evidence says he did not notice on the phone in the interlocutor's voice tracks excitement, and some strange pronunciations explains only a consequence of concussion. Conversation flowed easily, his friend apologized, and they agreed to meet on Wednesday, after having phoned. The conversation took about eight hours, after which he tried to parse the sketch alone and made a move, which he advised a friend, but the course of this confused him with their absurdity and strangeness of some discrepancy between the game Chigorin manner, the course, nullifying the very meaning of the sketch. The investigator called a name, and asks whether it says something to the person questioned. It turns out that he was with the woman in the communication, but they parted ways five years ago. He knew that she took up with his friend and chess partner, but suggested that he does not know about their past relat
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