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Buridan's Ass
Günter de Bruyn
Buridan's Ass
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Buridan's Ass in 1,000 words:
Charles Earp, Head of the district library in Berlin - the capital of the GDR, a family man with four decades of emerging paunch, wakes up in his room with a smile on his face. Reading the book at breakfast, he thought of Miss Broder. After graduating from the school library, it, together with the other student, half-year is the practice in his library. On the eve of a team at the meeting was a question of which of the two trainees leave the library after the date of final examinations. The Director recommended that the school Broder, she Berlinkov from among those without Berlin wither away. The issue was resolved in favor of girls, all recognized that the knowledge of its vast and impeccable moral character. But after meeting a colleague Hasler informally expressed the opinion of many employees, that Fraulein, perhaps, not enough warmth, it's too straightforward, he is afraid that in her presence "does not chill the soul." Reflecting on the appearance of their subject, Earp remembers her posture, nice restraint, and facial features is something "nudging aside." Then he sees the girl's smiling lips, heard her soft tone, which sometimes lead to confusion buddy. It becomes irresistible, when the "natural breaks through the artificial coolness." While Earp thinking about an internship, consuming a delicious and healthy breakfast, cooked his wife, Elizabeth, engaged children. Elizabeth asks her husband, at the time he gets home, and met a negative response. It is a well
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