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Fahrenheit 451
Ray Bradbury
Fahrenheit 451
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Fahrenheit 451 in 1,000 words:
America is relatively near future, as she saw the author in the early fifties, and when writing this novel, a dystopia. Thirty years of Guy Montag - a fireman. However, in these modern times, firemen do not fight the fire. Quite the contrary. Their task is to find books and bring them to the fire, as well as the homes of those who dared to keep them in a sedition. For the past ten years, Montag properly perform their duties without thinking about the meaning and reasons for knigonenavistnichestva. Meeting with the young and romantic Clarissa Makleland knocks the hero of the usual ruts of existence. For the first time in many years, Montag realizes that human communication is more than an exchange memorized cues. Clarissa stands out from the mass of their peers, bent on driving speed, sports, entertainment in the primitive "Luna Park" and endless television shows. She loves nature, tends to reflect and clearly lonely. Clarissa Question: "Are you happy?" Montag makes a fresh look at the life that he leads - and with it the millions of Americans. Pretty soon he came to the conclusion that, of course, happy is the existence of unthinking inertia can not be named. He feels around the void, the absence of warmth and humanity. As if it confirms the conjecture of a mechanical, robotic existence of an accident with his wife Mildred. Returning home from work, Montag finds his wife unconscious. She poisoned herself sleeping - not the result of a desperate desire to depart this
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