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Mikhail Bulgakov
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Flight in 1,000 words:
Dream 1. Northern Tavria, October 1920 In the cell the abbey church is a conversation. Just come and check Budyonny documents. Golubkov, St. Petersburg a young intellectual, wondering, where did the red when the terrain in the hands of whites. BARABANCHIKOVA, pregnant, lying right there, explains that the general, who sent a telegram that the red in the rear, put transcript. When asked where the headquarters of General Charnota, BARABANCHIKOVA not give a direct answer. Seraphim Korzukhina, a young St. Petersburg lady who runs with Golubkov the Crimea to meet with her husband, offering to call the midwife, but Madame refuses. Audible clatter of hoofs and the voice of the white commander of the de Brizard. Knowing him, BARABANCHIKOVA throws rags and appears as a general Charnota. He explains de Brizard and ran a camp Lyuska wife that his friend was in a hurry drums gave him the documents were not his, and his pregnant wife. CHARNOTA offers an escape plan. Here at Seraphim fever begins - a fever. Golubkov Seraphim leads to gig. All leave. Dream 2. Crimea, the beginning of November 1920 Hall station turned into a white head. Where there was a buffet, seated, General KHLUDOV. It is something sick jerks. KORZUKHIN, Assistant Minister of Commerce, the husband of the Seraphim, asks to push cars in Sebastopol with valuable furs. KHLUDOV orders to burn these compounds. KORZUKHIN asked about the situation at the front. KHLUDOV hisses that the Reds tomorrow will be here. KORZUKH
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