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Days of the Turbins
Mikhail Bulgakov
Days of the Turbins
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Days of the Turbins in 1,000 words:
The first, second and third acts take place in winter 1918, the fourth action - at the beginning of 1919. Venue - the city of Kiev. ACT I Scene One Evening. Apartment turbine. In the hearth fire, the clock strikes nine times. Alexei Vasilievich Turbin, Colonel-gunner 30 years old, bent over the papers, his 18-year-old brother Nikolka plays guitar and sings: "The worst rumors every hour. Petlyura is on us! "Alex asks Nikolka not sing" cook's songs. " Electricity suddenly goes out the windows of the song is part of the military and heard a distant cannon strike. Electricity erupts again. Elena Thalberg, 24-year-old sister, Alexis, and Nikolka begins to seriously worry for her husband, Alex, and Nikolka soothe her: "You know that line on the west guarded by the Germans. A long time coming, because there are at each station. The revolutionary riding: hour ride, the two stand. " Bell rings and is captain of artillery, 38-year-old Victor Myshlaevsky completely frozen, nearly frost-bitten in his overcoat pocket a bottle of vodka. Myshlaevsky says that he came from the Red Tavern, all the peasants who have moved to the side of Petliura. Sam Myshlaevsky almost a miracle came to town - transfer organized staff officers, who gave Myshlaevsky terrible scandal. Alex is happy to be Myshlaevskogo to his unit, placed in the Alexander High School. Myshlaevsky heated by the fireplace and drinking vodka, Nikolka rubs his frostbitten feet, Elena prepares a hot bath. When Myshla
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