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Mikhail Bulgakov
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Diaboliad in 1,000 words:
The story of how the twins killed Clerk While all men are galloping from one service to another, Bartholomew Korotkov, gentle, quiet, well-served in the blond Glavtsentrbazspimate (abbreviated MATMAT) for positions in the Clerk and served her entire 11 months. September 20, 1921 clerk MATMAT covered himself with his nasty Long-eared hat, grabbed the briefcase and left. He came back very wet, put the hat on the table, and on his hat - a portfolio. Then he left the room and came back fifteen minutes later with a big chicken. Hen he put the briefcase on the chicken - his right hand and said: "Money will not. And do not nalezayte, gentlemen, and then you tell me, comrades, a table slop. " Then he covered his hat, waved and disappeared into the chicken door. Three days were given a salary yet. Korotkov has 4 big packs, 5 and 13 small boxes of "manufactured products" MATMAT, and by packaging "salary" in a newspaper, goes home, and at the entrance MATMAT nearly hit by a car in which someone drove up, but who is, Korotkov could not see. At home he put the matches on the table: "We will try to sell them" - he said with a silly smile and knocked on a neighbor, Alexandra, serving Gubvinsklade. The neighbor was sitting on his haunches before the formation of bottles of wine church, her face began to cry. "And we - the matches," - said Korotkov. "But they do not burn!" - Cried Alexandra. "As it is, do not burn?" - Korotkov was frightened and ran to her room. The first match
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