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The Captain's Daughter
Alexander Pushkin
The Captain's Daughter
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The Captain's Daughter in 1,000 words:
The Captain's Daughter 1836 Summary of the story Casting Time: 10-15 min. In the original - 90-120 min. At the heart of the novel are the memoirs of fifty nobleman Peter A. Grineva, written during the reign of the Emperor Alexander, and dedicated to the "Pugachev", in which seventeen-year officer, Peter Grinev on the "strange coupling of the circumstances" took an involuntary participation. Peter A. with irony recalls his childhood, the childhood of aristocratic ignoramus. His father, Andrew P. Green in his youth "served under Count Munnich and retired Major-prime in the 17 ... year. Since then, he lived in his village of Simbirsk, where he married a girl Avdotya Vasilyevna Yu, the daughter of a poor nobleman of Gdańsk. " The family Grinev were nine children, but all the brothers and sisters Petrusha "died in infancy." "My mother was still my paunchy - recalls Grinev - as I have already been recorded in the Semenov regiment sergeant." From the age of five for the groom looks Petrusha Savelyitch, "a sober behavior," bestowed on him in the guys. "Under his supervision in the twelfth year, I learned to read and write Russian, and could very sensibly be judged on the properties of a greyhound dog." Then there was the teacher - French Beaupre, who did not understand the "meaning of the word," as in his own country was a barber, and Prussia - a soldier. The young Frenchman Grinev and quickly hit it off Beaupre, and while Beaupre was obliged by contract to teach Petrusha "in
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