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A Theatrical Novel
Mikhail Bulgakov
A Theatrical Novel
Price: Free
A Theatrical Novel in 1,000 words:
In the preface the author informs the reader that these notes were written by his friend Maksudov, committed suicide and bequeathed them to him to correct, sign your name and to publish. The author warns that the suicide had nothing to do with the theater, so that these notes are the fruit of his sick fantasies. The narrative is from a person Maksudov. Sergei L. Maksudov, an employee of the newspaper "Herald of the Company," when he saw in a dream home town, snow, civil war, began to write this novel. When finished, read it to their friends, who claim that the novel is that it fails to publish. Sending two thick journal excerpts from the novel, Maksudov get them back with the resolution "does not fit." Convinced that the novel is bad, Maksudov decides that his life came to an end. Having stolen a friend's gun, Maksudov prepares to kill himself, but suddenly he heard a knock at the door, and the room appears Rudolphi, editor and publisher of the only private magazine in Moscow "Homeland." Rudolphi Maksudova reading a novel and offers it to publish. Maksudov quietly returns the stolen gun, tosses the service in the "Company" and immersed in another world: visiting from Rudolphi, met with writers and publishers. Finally, a novel published, and Maksudov gets a few author's copies of the magazine. On the same night at the beginning Maksudova flu, and when, probolae ten days, he went to Rudolphi, it turns out that Rudolphi week ago went to America, and the entire edition of t
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