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Antonov Apples
Ivan Bunin
Antonov Apples
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Antonov Apples in 1,000 words:
The author-narrator recalls the recent past. He remembered a lovely early autumn, all the gold, dried and depleted garden, delicate fragrance of fallen leaves and Anton smell of apples: gardeners poured apples on the cart to send them to the city. Late at night, running out into the garden and talking to the guards guarding the garden, he looks at the dark blue depths of heaven, full of constellations, looking for a long time, until the land is not under the feet of sail, feeling good to be alive! The narrator recalls his Settlements that ever since his grandfather was known locally as a rich village. Old men and women lived there a long time - the first sign of prosperity. Homes in the Settlement were brick, strong. The average life of the nobility had much in common with the rich peasant. I remember him to his aunt, Anna Gerasimovna her estate - a small but sturdy, old, surrounded by century-old trees. Garden aunt was famous for its apple trees, nightingales, and doves, and the house - roof: its thatched roof was unusually thick and high, blackened and hardened by time. The house is primarily smell of apples, and then the other smells: old mahogany furniture, dried lime flowers. I remember his late brother-narrator Arseny Semyonitch, landowner-hunter, in a large house which was about a lot of people, all hearty lunch and then went on a hunt. The yard is blowing the horn, howl at the different voices of dogs, pet owner, a black greyhound, climbs on the table and ate me
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