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Grammar of Love
Ivan Bunin
Grammar of Love
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Grammar of Love in 1,000 words:
Someone once Ivlev went in early June to the far edge of the county. First to go was pleasant: warm, dull day, a well-Rolled road. Then the weather poskuchnela, pulled the clouds, and when the front of the village appeared, Ivlev decided to come to the graph. The old man, plowing near the village said that house a young countess, but still stopped. The countess was in a pink bonnet, with an open chest powdered, and she smoked, often straightened hair to her shoulders exposing her tight, round hand. She drove all the talk of love and, incidentally, spoke about his neighbor, landlord Khvoshchinskiy, who died this winter, and as Ivlev knew from childhood, his life was obsessed with love for her maid Lushkov, has died at an early age. When Ivlev drove on, the rain has already sold out for real. "So Khvoshchinskiy died - thought Ivlev. - You should definitely drop in, look at the empty sanctuary of Luschka's mysterious ... What kind of man was this Khvoshchinskiy? Crazy? Or simply overwhelmed the soul? "According to the stories, old landlords, Khvoshchinskiy once had a reputation in the county for a rare clever. And suddenly fell on him, this Lushka - and everything was ashes, he shut himself in a room where she lived and died Lushka, and more than twenty years, sat on her bed ... Night was falling, rain thinned out, the forest seemed Khvoshchinskiy. Ivlev looking at approaching the estate, and it seemed to him that she lived and died Lushka not twenty years ago, and almo
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