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Cursed Days
Ivan Bunin
Cursed Days
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Cursed Days in 1,000 words:
In the years 1918-1920 Bunin wrote in the form of diary notes, their direct observations and impressions of events in Russia at that time. Here are some snippets: Moscow, 1918 1 January (old style). Ended this bloody year. But what next? Maybe something even more terrible. Even so probably ... February 5. On the first day of February was ordered to be the new style. So, in their language is the eighteenth ... February 6. The newspapers - on the offensive which began on us Germans. Everyone says: "Oh, if only!". Petrovka monks chopping ice. Passers-triumphant, gloating, "Aha! Kicked out! Now, brother, will make! " Next date is omitted. In the tram came a young officer, and, blushing, said that he "can not, unfortunately, pay for the ticket." Derman arrived, the critic, - escaped from Simferopol. It says, "indescribable horror", soldiers and workers "go directly to their knees in blood." An old man, Colonel roasted alive in the locomotive firebox. "It is not time to understand the Russian Revolution, impartially, objectively ..." Now hear this constantly. But this impartiality still will never be, And most important: our "bias" is in fact very, very dear to the future historian. Is important "passion" only "revolutionary people"? And we, well, not people, or what? The tram hell, the clouds soldiers with bags - running from Moscow, fearing that they will be sent to protect St. Petersburg from the Germans. Met at Cook's boy-soldier, ragged, emaciated, and the fo
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