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Dark Avenues
Ivan Bunin
Dark Avenues
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Dark Avenues in 1,000 words:
In the autumn rainy day on the broken dirt road to a long hut, in one half of which was a post office, and in the other room was clean, where you can relax, eat and even spend the night, drove a carriage with mud obkidanny polupodnyatym riding. On the box sat a strong carriage serious man in a tightly belted coat, and in the carriage - "slim-old war in the large cap and Nicholas gray overcoat with a beaver standing collar, another black-browed, but with a white mustache, which were connected with the same sideburns, chin, He had a shave, and then the whole appearance was similar to Alexander II, which was so prevalent in the military at the time of his reign, too, was questioning glance, rigorous and yet tired. " When the horses were, he got out of the carriage, ran to the porch and the house turned to the left as the driver told him. In the upper room was warm, dry and tidy, because of the sweet smell of baking damper soup. The visitor threw his coat on the bench, took off his gloves and cap, and passed his hand wearily on slightly curly hair. In the upper room was empty, he opened the door and called out: "Hey, you there!" Came in "dark-haired, black-browed, too, and also still a beautiful woman does not age ... with a dark fuzz on his upper lip and along his cheeks, light on the move, but the total , with large breasts under a red blouse, with a triangular, like a goose, a belly black woolen skirt. " She politely said hello. The newcomer glanced at her rounded should
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