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Danton's Death
Georg Büchner
Danton's Death
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Danton's Death in 1,000 words:
Georges Danton and Herault-Seshel, his colleague in the National Convention, playing cards with the ladies, including Julie, the wife of Danton. Danton apathetic rants about women, their charm and mystery, that it is impossible to know and understand each other. In the soothing words of Julie Danton melancholy notes that he loves her, as like "grave", where you can find peace. Ero flirting with one of the ladies. Come my friends, other members of the Convention. Camille Desmoulins immediately involves all in a conversation about the "guillotine romance." At its second year of the revolution daily demands of new victims. Erotic believes that the revolution must "stop" and "start" the republic. Everyone has the right to enjoy life as best he can, just not at the expense of others. Camille believe that government should be open to the people, "transparent tunic" on his body. Knowing the great oratorical gift of Danton, he encourages him to launch an attack in the Convention with a speech in defense of true liberty and human rights. Danton did not seem to refuse, but not shown any enthusiasm, because up to that point yet to be "live." He leaves, showing everyone how tired politics. [Missing page] Hall of a storm of applause, the meeting is transferred. Not for the judges to hear that at one time it was Danton declared war on the monarchy, his voice, "forged weapons for the people of the aristocrats and the rich gold." Then Danton appeals to the people, requires the creat
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