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The Idiot
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
The Idiot
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The Idiot in 1,000 words:
Idiot 1868 Summary of the novel Casting Time: 15-20 min. in the original - 12-13 hours The novel is set in St. Petersburg and Pavlovsk late 1867 - early 1868 Prince Lev Nikolayevich Myshkin arrives in St. Petersburg from Switzerland. He was twenty-six years, he was the last of the illustrious noble family, was orphaned early in childhood ill severe nerve disease and was placed by his guardian and benefactor Pavlishchev the Swiss sanatorium. There he lived for four years and is now returning to Russia with a vague but ambitious plans to serve her. In the train he meets with Parfenov Rogozhin, a rich merchant's son, inherited after the death of a great state. From the first time he hears the name of the Prince of Nastasya Filip Barashkova, the mistress of a wealthy aristocrat Totsky, whose passion for Rogozhin. Upon arrival, the prince with his modest bundle is sent to the House General Yepanchin, a distant relative of his wife who, Elizabeth Prokofyevna is. The family Epanchins three daughters - the eldest of Alexander, the average Adelaide and younger, the overall favorite and beautiful Aglaia. Prince hits all the spontaneity, confidence, sincerity and naivete, is so unusual that at first it is taken very cautiously, but with a growing curiosity and sympathy. Revealed that the prince, which seemed a simpleton, and some people, and crafty, very stupid, but some things are really deep, as when he talks about what is seen abroad of the death penalty. Here he meets a
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