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Farewell in June
Alexander Vampilov
Farewell in June
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Farewell in June in 1,000 words:
ACT I On the street, at the bus stop, waiting for transport is Tanya, a girl 19 years old, reading posters. With her persistent attempts to get to know a graduate student Nikolai Kolesov, a young man 24 years old. Soon, he explains that he had promised to come to the wedding of a friend with a beautiful girl. Tanya is intrigued, but still refuses to make Kohl company. In the dorm, meanwhile, is preparing for the holiday dinner, most guests already on the table. Everyone expects Kohl with his mysterious companion. The bride and groom - Bob and Mary Bukin. YCL tries to make a speech, but the first word of each intercepts Vasey Borja, nicknamed Gomyra. He was very drunk and said very unpleasant things. The participants are suffering because of his remarks Vasey. Meanwhile, one of the guests - Grisha Frolov - announces that for the past five years, like Masha, but wants her to be happy with Vasya. Gomyra makes it even more caustic remarks, so that Mary began to insist that he left the celebration. Bukin firmly stands up for each other, after which Mary declares marriage failed and left the company. Bukin in a hurry for his girlfriend. After a while, among the crowd appears Rector - Vladimir Repnikov. From his first hide the gap failed newlyweds, but the rector about all guesses. Suddenly there Kolesov. Not noticing the rector, he turns off the light and demands to remove the sound from the tape, as for him being chased by police. Finally, amidst the general hustle and
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