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Duck Hunting
Alexander Vampilov
Duck Hunting
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Duck Hunting in 1,000 words:
The action takes place in a provincial town. Viktor Alexandrovich Zilov wake call. With difficulty waking up, he picks it up, but there is silence. He slowly gets up, touching yourself for jaw opens a window on the street the rain. Zilov drinks beer and a bottle in his hand begins to fizzaryadku. Again, a phone call and then silence. Now Zilov calls himself. He talks to the waiter Dima, with whom he met on the hunt, and extremely surprised that Dima asked him, whether he would go. Zilov interested in the details of yesterday's scandal, which he perpetrate the cafe, but about which he himself remembers very vague. He was especially worried about who yesterday went to him in the face. As soon as he hangs up, as there is a knock at the door. Part of a boy with a large funeral wreath on which is written: "unforgettable prematurely burned on the work of Viktor Zilov inconsolable friends." Zilov annoyed so grim joke. He sits on the couch and begins to think as if it could be if he really died. Then before his eyes is life in recent days. Remembering the first. In the cafe, "Forget-Me", a favorite pastime Zilov place, he and a friend Sayapin meets during the lunch break to work with the head sash, to celebrate the big event - he got a new apartment. Suddenly, there is his mistress, Vera. Zilov Faith asks not to advertise their relationship, all the seats at the table and the waiter brings Dima ordered wine and kebabs. Zilov like Sash, which is scheduled for the evening housewa
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