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Caspar Hauser
Jakob Wassermann
Caspar Hauser
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Caspar Hauser in 1,000 words:
In the protagonist of the novel "Kaspar Hauser" was the prototype - the real-life people, of whom much has been written and spoken throughout Europe. He turned up suddenly in 1828 in Nuremberg, this young stranger about sixteen or seventeen, whose past has been shrouded in mystery and whose short life was soon interrupted by force. The novel begins with a description of events in Nuremberg in the summer of 1828 inhabitants of the city know that the land the tower in detention boy of seventeen, who does not tell us about yourself, as no better than say two years of a child takes on the guards just bread and water and walks with great difficulty. On a sheet of paper he could write his name: Kaspar Hauser. Some suggest that this cave man, the other - he was just an underdeveloped peasant. However, the exterior of the boys - velvety skin, white hands, wavy light brown hair - runs counter to these assumptions. When the stranger found a letter which showed that in 1815 the boy tossed in a poor house, where for years he had been deprived of contact with people. In the summer of 1828 he brought out of hiding and pointing the way to the city, was left alone in the woods. The mayor of the city, Mr. Binder suggests that the boy is a victim of crime. Interest in the foundling grows, it crowds come to see. Of particular interest to him showing teacher Daumer, who spend hours sitting with him, and gradually accustomed Caspar understand human language, learns something about his past.
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