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Lope de Vega
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Fuenteovejuna in 1,000 words:
Commander of the Order of Calatrava, Fernan Gomez de Guzman, comes in to the Master of the Order of Almagro, Don Rodrigo Tellez Chiron. Master young years and only recently inherited the presidency from his father. Therefore, the commander, crowned with glory of combat, treat it with some suspicion and disdain, but must comply with reverence befitting the occasion. Commander of the Master came to tell us about the distribution characteristic of Spain in the XV. After the death of the King of Castile Don Enrique claimed by the crown of King Alfonso Portuguese - it is his right to consider undisputed home of Commander and his supporters - as well as - through Isavellu, his wife - Don Fernando, Prince of Aragon. Commander strongly advised to immediately declare a collection of Master of the Knights of the Order of Calatrava and the fight to take Ciudad Real, which lies on the border of Andalusia and Castile King of Castile, and who considers it his possession. Commander offers a Master of his soldiers: they are not very many, but they are warlike, and in the village called Fuenteovejuna, where the captain settled, people can only graze cattle, but can not fight. Master promises to immediately raise an army and to punish the enemy. In Fuenteovejuna farmers can not wait out the captain, he does not enjoy their confidence, mainly due to the fact that pursues the girls and beautiful women - some of his beguiling love assurances, and other frightening threats and possible location
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