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Captain Grant's Children
Jules Verne
Captain Grant's Children
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Captain Grant's Children in 1,000 words:
June 26, 1864 the crew of the yacht "Duncan", owned by Lord Edward Glenarvanu, a prominent member of the Royal Thames Yacht Club and the wealthy Scottish landowner, catches a shark in the Irish Sea, in the stomach which is a bottle with a note in three languages: English, German and French . The note briefly reported that during the collapse of the "British" rescued three - Captain Grant and the two sailors that they have reached some sort of ground, and indicate the latitude and longitude, but you can not make out what is the longitude - a figure blurred. The note states that are saved to the thirty-seventh degree of south latitude eleventh minute. Longitude is unknown. So look for Captain Grant and his companions must be somewhere in the thirty-seventh parallel. British Admiralty refused to equip the rescue mission, but the Lord Glenarvan and his wife decided to do everything possible to find Captain Grant. They are introduced to Harry Grant's children - Mary and sixteen twelve Robert. Equip a boat on a long voyage, in which the wife is willing to participate Lord - Helen Glenarvan, very kind and courageous young woman and the children of Captain Grant. The expedition also involved Major Mc-Nabbs, a man of fifty, modest, silent, good-natured, a close relative of Lord Glenarvan, thirty-year captain of the "Duncan" John Mangles, a cousin of Lord Glenarvan, a man brave, kind and energetic; mate Tom Austin, an old sailor, worthy of full trust, and twenty-three men crew, all Sco
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