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Dick Sand, A Captain at Fifteen
Jules Verne
Dick Sand, A Captain at Fifteen
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Dick Sand, A Captain at Fifteen in 1,000 words:
January 29, 1873, the schooner brig "Pilgrim" is equipped for whaling goes on a voyage from a port Okleanda, New Zealand. On board are a brave and experienced captain, Gul, five seasoned sailors, fifteen-year junior sailor - an orphan, Dick Sand, ship Negorev cook, and wife of the owner of "Pilgrim" James Weldon - Mrs. Weldon year old son Jack, her eccentric cousin, whom everyone calls " Cousin Benedict, "the old Negro nurse Nan. Sailboat on his way to San Francisco with a stop in Valparaiso. A few days later, Jack notices a little swimming in the ocean overturned on its side the ship "Waldeck" with a hole in the bow. It detects the five sailors were emaciated blacks and a dog named Dingo. It turns out that negros: Tom, sixty years old, his son Bat, Austin, Acteon, and Hercules - free citizens of the United States. After completing the work under the contract on a plantation in New Zealand, they returned to America. After the collision, "Waldeck" with another vessel, all crew members and the captain had disappeared and they were left alone. They were ferried aboard the "Pilgrim," and after a few days attentive care they fully recover their strength. Dingo, they said, the captain, "Waldeck" picked up off the coast of Africa. At the sight of Negorev dog for no apparent reason starts to growl fiercely and is ready to pounce on him. Negorev prefer not to show up on the dog's eyes, which seem to recognize him. A few days later Captain Hull and five sailors who ventured to embar
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