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Geschichte des Agathon
Christoph Martin Wieland
Geschichte des Agathon
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Geschichte des Agathon in 1,000 words:
The action takes place in ancient Greece. We meet with the main character in the moment of his life exiled from his native city - Athens, Agathon is sent to the Middle East. Get lost in the mountains of Thrace, he accidentally falls on the feast of Bacchus, which is celebrated notable resident of this area. Cilician pirates suddenly attacked participants of the ceremony and lead them into bondage. Among the captives, and is Agathon. On the ship, he meets a girl psyche, which has been in love, even when he lived at Delphi, and with which he was forcibly separated. It is time to tell him how she was sent to Sicily. They learn that Agathon at Athens, dressed in male attire, she runs, but on the way into the hands of pirates, who are now its just like Agathon, sold into slavery. At the slave market in Smyrna educated young man buys a beautiful rich Gippias sophist who is going to make him a student of philosophy and a follower. Callias, as he calls Agathon, is an adherent of the philosophical teachings of Plato. He was averse to the refined pleasures, he feels uncomfortable in the house with his Gippiasa contrived morality. In the long dialogues and monologues trying to convince a young man Gippias that the most important thing in life - is the satisfaction of their needs. The art of being rich is based on the ability to subdue the property of others, and so that it looked like a voluntary act on the part of those people. All efforts Gippiasa to nothing lead, then he introd
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