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Cat's Cradle
Kurt Vonnegut
Cat's Cradle
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Cat's Cradle in 1,000 words:
"You can call me Jonah" - a phrase opens the novel. The hero-narrator thinks that this name is much more suited to it than that given at birth, because it is "always puts away." One day he decided to write a book "The Day the end of the world has come." In it, he was going to talk about what they were doing the famous Americans, when it was dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Then, in the words of the hero, he was a Christian, but then became bokononistom, and now every now and then quotes the teachings of the great sage and philosopher, richly narrative usnaschaya bokononovskoy terminology. Bokonon teaches that all humanity is divided into Carasso, I mean in the group who did not know what they do, doing the will of God, and should be distinguished from Carasso granfallonov, false associations, to what, among other things, concerns and the Communist Party. Working on a book about the end of the world leads to the need to karasc narrator, whose head is a great scientist, Felix Honniker, Nobel laureate and father of the atomic bomb, who lives and works in the fictional town of Ilium, which occurs in many books Vonnegut. When testing an atomic bomb someone remarked, "Now, science has known sin," Honniker asked in surprise: "What is sin?" I did not know a great scholar, and that is love, compassion, moral doubts. The human element is of little interest to the technical genius of thought. "Sometimes I think, I do not whether he was born dead, - says one of tho
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