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Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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Demons in 1,000 words:
Demons 1872 Summary of the novel Casting Time: 15-20 min. in the original - 10-11 hours The novel is set in the provincial town of the early events of the story osenyu.O chronicler of Mr., who is also a participant in the events described. His story begins with the story of Stepan Trofimovich Verkhovensky, forties, an idealist, and a description of its complex platonic relationship with Varvara Petrovna Stavrogin, the provincial noble lady, whose patronage he enjoys. Around Verkhovensky, who loved the "civil role," and living "embodied reproach" homeland, grouped local liberal-minded youth. There are many "phrases" and poses, but rather as intelligence and insight. He was the teacher of many heroes of the novel. First a nice, now it is slightly down, bloated, playing cards, and indulge in champagne. Expected arrival of Nicholas Stavrogin, very "mysterious and romantic" personality, which goes a lot of rumors. He served in the elite Guards Regiment, shot himself in a duel, was demoted, to curry favor. Then it is known that Zacuto, launched into the wildest licentiousness. Having been four years ago in his native city, he often nakurolesil, causing general indignation:'ll pull the nose Gaganova respectable man, painfully bitten on the ear of the then governor, publicly kissed another man's wife ... In the end, everything was explained as a delirium tremens. Recovered, Stavrogin had gone abroad. His mother, Varvara Petrovna Stavrogin, a woman strong and domineering, dist
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