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Atta Troll
Heinrich Heine
Atta Troll
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Atta Troll in 1,000 words:
This poem by Heinrich Heine tells us about the bear named Atta Troll. The action begins in 1841 in the small resort town Kotere in the Pyrenees, where the lyrical hero was resting with his wife, Matilda, whom he affectionately calls Juliet. They just went out the balcony of the city, and every day they could watch on a chain as a bear hunter two bears dancing - Atta Troll and his wife, Mumma. But it did not last long. One day a bear Atta Troll broke loose and fled into the mountains, in dens to their cubs - four sons and two daughters. He told them of her acting life and what all people are bad. Atta Troll once brought his young son to the Blood Stone - an ancient Druid altar, and there made him swear eternal hatred to the people. But meanwhile, the lyrical hero is going to hunt a bear with a kind of Laskar - the son of a witch Urakov, which in actual fact has long been dead, but the witch instilled in him the dead body of the appearance of life. A few days wandering through the mountains, they reached the hut Urakov, which stands on steeper on the "Gorge of the spirits." Officially, it was thought that Urak engaged in the sale of mountain herbs and stuffed birds. In the shack there was the stench from the grass, and the head of dead birds on the walls made one of lyrical terror. And at night, to get rid of this horror, he opened the window, because I wanted to get some fresh air. And what did he see? It was a full moon, the night of St. John, when the spirits rushin
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