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The Gambler
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
The Gambler
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The Gambler in 1,000 words:
Player 1866 Summary of the novel Casting Time: ~ 9 min. in the original - 2-3 hours Alexei Ivanovich, 25-year-old tutor, and his family an elderly general Zagoryansky - stepdaughter, Pauline, and two young children - lives in a luxury hotel in the German resort of Ruletenburg. Even in Russia, General laid his estate to a certain Marquis de Grieux and is already looking forward to six months from Moscow news of the death of a sick aunt Antonida Vasil'yevna Tarasevichevoy. Then Des Grieux has taken possession of property of the general, and the latter will receive a large inheritance and marries a beautiful young Frenchwoman Mademoiselle Blanche, in which no memory of love. The French, in anticipation of big money, are always near the general, and the simple-witted man, moreover, exposed to strong passions. By Alexei Ivanovich they all fall down, almost like a servant, which greatly hurt his pride. The friendship is a Russian teacher with an Englishman Astley, an aristocrat and wealthy, extremely honest, noble and virtuous man. They are both in love with Pauline. About two months ago, this beautiful and proud woman wished to make his friend Alexei Ivanovich. Established between them a kind of relationship "slave" and "tormentor." An educated gentleman, but without money, Alexei Ivanovich hurt her dependent position - that's why love arrogant and cavalier with Pauline often confused him with hatred. A young teacher is convinced that only money can bring to him the respect
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