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Germany. A Winter's Tale
Heinrich Heine
Germany. A Winter's Tale
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Germany. A Winter's Tale in 1,000 words:
The action of the poem takes place in autumn-winter 1843 The lyrical hero the poet leaves the gay Paris, and his beloved wife to make a short trip to his native Germany, for which very bored, and visit the old sick mother, who had not seen for thirteen years. He came to his native land, and sometimes gloomy November involuntary tears. He heard his native German language. The little girl with the harp sang a mournful song about the sad life on earth and heavenly bliss. The poet also has to have a joyful song about a new paradise on earth, soon to come, because all have enough bread and sweet green peas, and even love. This joyful song, he sings because his veins watered sap of his native land. Little went on to sing a song a fake voice, heart, and meanwhile, customs officials were digging in the suitcases of the poet, looking for forbidden literature out there. But to no avail. All the forbidden literature he prefers to carry in my brain. Come - then write. Tricked customs officials. The first city he visited was Aachen, where in the ancient cathedral lie the remains of Charlemagne. On the streets of this city reign spleen and melancholy. The poet met the Prussian military, and found that in thirteen years, they have not changed - and drilled stupid dummies. At the post office he saw a friend of the hated emblem of an eagle. For some reason he does not like an eagle. Late in the evening the poet reached Cologne. There he ate scrambled eggs with ham. Chased his h
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