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Goetz von Berlichingen
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Goetz von Berlichingen
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Goetz von Berlichingen in 1,000 words:
The action drama is set in Germany in the twenties of the XVI century., When the country was split into many independent feudal principalities were in constant feud with each other, nominally, they all belonged to the so-called Holy Roman Empire. It was a time of tumultuous peasant unrest that marked the beginning of the Reformation. Goetz von Berlichingen, a brave knight of the independent, do not get along with the Bishop of Bamberg. The tavern on the road he had built with his men ambush and waits Veyslingena Adelbert, bishop of the approximate, with whom he wants to pay for what his squire held captive in Bamberg. Capturing Adelbert, he travels to his ancestral castle in Yakstgauzen, where he was waiting for his wife Elizabeth, sister of Mary and young son Karl. In the old days was the best friend Veyslingen Getz. Together they served by pages in the court of the Margrave, together participated in military campaigns. When Berlichingen in battle lost his right hand, instead of which he now has iron, he took care of him. But their life paths diverged. Adalbert sucked the life from its gossip and intrigue, he sided with the enemies of Goetz, who seek to discredit him in the eyes of the emperor. In Yakstgauzene Berlichingen Veyslingena trying to attract to its side, suggesting to him that he degrades himself to the level of a vassal for some "wayward and envious priest." Adalbert seem to agree with the noble knight, and this contributes broke his love for the gentle,
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