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Elective Affinities
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Elective Affinities
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Elective Affinities in 1,000 words:
In the old castle on the shore of the lake live the Baron and Baroness. Fortunately they seem to be no end, especially since they had already acquired in adulthood. Edward loved Charlotte since his youth, but he had to force their parents to marry a rich woman who was much older than him. Charlotte also married, in obedience to the circumstances. When their spouses died, Edward and Charlotte were finally able to connect. Then they decided to retire from the court, where both the first and shone in the countryside to live in nature, and live for each other. (For this purpose, Charlotte even sent her daughter from her first marriage Lyutsianu, and with it the orphan-niece Ottilie in the board.) Their days are filled with many activities - running conversion of the park, improvements to the economy. They were endless conversations, Edward mastered playing the flute, and Charlotte, beautifully played on the piano, he played for. Still had to disassemble the travel records of Edward that he was wandering in the past. In short, the life of a happy couple proceeded to the concord and harmony. Some shadow fell on this idyll is just at the thought of the heroes of their loved ones. Edward's worried about his old friend, the captain, who remained out of work, he suggested, not without timidity, his wife invited the captain of the castle, so he could show here their construction talents. Charlotte, after some hesitation, gave their consent, knowing that their lives will inevitably
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