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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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Faust in 1,000 words:
The tragedy opens with three introductory texts. The first - a lyrical dedication to friends of youth - those with whom the author has been associated in the early work on "Faust" and who has died or is far away. "I have all the people who lived in that radiant afternoon, once again recall with gratitude." This is followed by "theatrical entry." In an interview the Director of the theater, the poet and the comic actor discusses the problems of artistic creation. Should art be idle crowd or to be faithful to his great and eternal purpose? How to combine poetry and true success? Here, as well as in the dedication, motif the transience of time and irrevocably lost youth, supply inspiration. In conclusion, the Director advises resolutely down to business, adding that the disposal of all of the Poet and the Actor's Theatre of his achievements. "At a board that you can shed, as in the universe, through all stages in a row, go through the earth from heaven to hell." Marked on one line problems, "heaven, earth and hell," is developing in the "Prologue in Heaven" - where there are already God, archangels, and Mephistopheles. Archangels, singing glory to acts of God, shut up with the appearance of Mephistopheles, who from the first replica - "To you got me, O God, to receive ..." - as if his charms charm skeptical. Speaking for the first time heard the name of Faust, whom God gives the example as a faithful servant and naiuserdnogo. Mephistopheles agrees that "the doctor" "and sp
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