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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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Egmont in 1,000 words:
The action of the tragedy happening in the Netherlands, Brussels, 1567-1568 gg., Although the events of these years, the play takes place in a few weeks. In the urban area citizens compete in archery, they are joined by soldiers from the army Egmont, he easily beats all the treats and wine at their own expense. From the conversation of the townspeople and soldiers, we learn that the Netherlands ruled by Margaret of Parma, which takes decisions with a constant eye on his brother, King Philip of Spain. But the people of Flanders loves and supports his viceroy Count of Egmont, the glorious commander, not just wins. In addition, it is much more tolerant refers to the preachers of the new religion, which penetrates into the country from neighboring Germany. Despite all the efforts of Margaret of Parma, a new faith found many adherents among the common people, tired of oppression and extortion of Catholic priests, from the constant wars. In the palace of Margaret of Parma, together with his secretary, Machiavelli, Philip is a report on the riots taking place in Flanders, mainly on religious grounds. To decide on further action, she convened a council, which should arrive governors provinces of the Netherlands. In the same city, in a modest burgher's house she lives with her mother Clara. From time to time it comes Brakenburg neighbor. He was obviously in love with Clara, but she has long grown accustomed to his affection and treats him more like a brother. Recently in her
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