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The Kreutzer Sonata
Leo Tolstoy
The Kreutzer Sonata
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The Kreutzer Sonata in 1,000 words:
The Kreutzer Sonata 1891 Summary of the story Casting Time: 10-15 min. in the original - 7-8 hours Early spring. The end of the century. In Russia there is a train. The car is a lively conversation, merchant, clerk, attorney, smoking woman and other passengers arguing about women's issues, marriage and free love. Only love illuminates marriage, approves smoking lady. Here, in the middle of her speech, heard a strange sound as if laughing or crying interrupted, and some are not even old, gray-haired gentleman with the jerky movements interfere with the conversation. Until now, the enchantment neighbors, he replied sharply and shortly, avoiding communication and dating, and more smoke, looked out the window and drank tea, and at the same time, obviously bored by his loneliness. So what is love, asks Sir, what do you mean by true love? Preference for one person to another? But how much? On the year, month, hour? It is only in the novels is, in my life ever. The spiritual affinity? The unity of ideals? But in this case there is no need to sleep together. And, you're right, I have learned? How not? Yes I am the one Pozdnyshev that killed his wife. All are silent, the conversation is broken. That's the true story Pozdnyshev told by him that same night one of the passengers, the story of how he was this very love was given to what happened to him. Pozdnyshev, a landowner and a candidate of the University (he was even leader) lived up to his marriage, like everything else in hi
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