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Doctor Fischer of Geneva or The Bomb Party
Graham Greene
Doctor Fischer of Geneva or The Bomb Party
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Doctor Fischer of Geneva or The Bomb Party in 1,000 words:
The action of the novel takes place in Switzerland, where he lives the protagonist, an Englishman, Alfred Jones, on behalf of which the narrator. Jones tells us about his acquaintance with Dr. Fisher and his daughter, Anna-Louise. The meeting Jones and Anna-Louise was completely random, because they share essentially the whole world. Anna-Louise, dear young lady, who was not yet 21 years old, and her father is a millionaire living in a big white palace on the shores of picturesque Lake, near Geneva. Dr. Fisher earned a fortune on the invention of "Bouquet Zubolyuba" - toothpaste, supposedly protects against dental caries (though Fischer himself did not use his invention, and could not stand to be reminded about the source of his income). Dr. Fisher, even though he was the devil in the flesh, looks no different from all other people, it was a man of about fifty (or so), with red hair, and with themselves, begins to lose its fiery brilliance (his mustache, he might have tinted) , under the eyes have it hanging bags and lids were very heavy. He looked as though he worries insomnia. Alfred Jones, the beginning of history was over fifty, and in 1940 during the bombing of London, he lost his left arm, but then lost his mother and father, a petty official in the Foreign Service. Jones' first wife died in childbirth twenty years ago, taking with him and the child. In Switzerland, Jones worked as a translator and a clerk at a chocolate factory in Vevey, his meager disability pen
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