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Hadji Murad
Leo Tolstoy
Hadji Murad
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Hadji Murad in 1,000 words:
Hadji Murad 1904 Summary of the story Casting Time: ~ 9 min. in the original - 90-120 min. On a cold November evening in 1851 Hadji Murad, the famous Naib Imam Shamil, enters the non-peaceful Chechen village Makhkety.Chechen Sado takes the visitor in his hut, in spite of the recent orders of Shamil detain or kill rebel naib, On the same night of the Russian fortress Vozdvizhenskaya, fifteen miles from the village Makhkety, go to the advanced guard of three soldiers from the non-commissioned officer Panov. One of them, the witty Avdeev, recalls both the longing for home drunk one company money, and once again tells us that he went into the army at the request of his mother, brother, instead of family. This face guard of the messengers of Hadji Murad. Seeing the Chechens into a fortress to Prince Vorontsov, cheerful Avdeev asks about their wives and children, and concludes: "And what are these, my boy, Gololobov good guys." The regimental commander Kura Regiment, the son of commander in chief, adjutant, Prince Vorontsov lives in one of the best houses in the fortress with his wife Mary Vasilyevna, the famous Petersburg beauty, and her young son from his first marriage. Despite the fact that the life of the inhabitants of Prince hits a little Caucasian fort by its luxury, Vorontsov spouses think that they are suffering great hardship. The news of Hadji Murad finds them playing cards with the regimental officers. That same night, residents of village Makhkety to clean th
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