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Daisy Miller
Henry James
Daisy Miller
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Daisy Miller in 1,000 words:
A young American, Winterbourne, for many years living in Europe and had time to grow out of American morals, arrives in a small Swiss town of Vevey to see his aunt. In the hotel, he meets a rich American family Miller - a boy of nine, his older sister and their mother. They travel to Europe, accompanied by his agent, and preparing to go to Italy. The girl - Daisy Miller - Winterbourne striking for its beauty, as well as free and relaxed behavior that is not accepted in Europe. She did not hesitate to talking with a strange man, and captivates Winterbourne its immediacy. She talks about her family, traveling in a society mother and brother, about future plans. She was very much in Europe, and she wants to see as many sights. The only thing that upsets her - is the lack of community in America, they traveled more often, and it often happens in the men's society. Winterbourne at once fascinated and puzzled, he had never heard a young girl say these things about yourself. He tries to understand what is behind this strange with the generally accepted point of view of behavior? He finds Daisy definition: pretty windy American, and glad to have found a successful formula. Seeing that she was not in the Chillon Castle, and very much wants to visit, Winterbourne offers to accompany her. Frightened by his own audacity, he adds, he would be happy to accompany her and her mother, but neither his rage nor his piety did not seem to produce the girl is not the slightest impression. Final
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