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After the Ball
Leo Tolstoy
After the Ball
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After the Ball in 1,000 words:
After the Ball 1903 Summary of the story Casting Time: ~ 2 min. in the original - approx. 10 minutes. Among the friends were talking about that, "for personal development it is first necessary to change the terms of which people live." A well-respected Ivan told a story that has fundamentally changed his life. Then he was very young and in love with Varenka eighteen, beautiful, tall and graceful girl. It was during a time when the narrator was in a provincial university, and most importantly his pleasure were balls and parties. On the last day of Carnival Ball gave the marshal. Ivan "was drunk with love" and danced only with Varenka. There was also her father, Colonel Peter Vladislavich - "beautiful, stately old and fresh." After dinner, the hostess persuaded him to go through a tour of the mazurka together with his daughter. The whole audience was delighted with this pair, and Ivan was filled with enthusiasm for Varenka's father-nezhnymchuvstvom. That night Ivan Vasilyevich could not sleep, and he went for a walk on the gorodu.Nogi themselves brought it home to Varenka. At the end of the field where her house stood, he saw a crowd of some sort, but it came closer, he saw that it was chased through the ranks of the Tatar-deserter. Peter walked beside Vladislavich and vigilantly watched the soldiers should be lowered as a stick on the back of the red punished, and when he saw Ivan Vasilyevich, pretended that they were not familiar with. The narrator could not understa
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