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A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
James Joyce
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
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A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man in 1,000 words:
Stephen Dedalus remembers as a child my father told him the tale of the boy's Boo-Boo and Moo-cow-moo, my mother played the piano in his sailor's dance, and he danced. At school, in the preparatory class, Stephen - one of the best students. Children wonder his strange name, third graders Wells often teases him, and once even to the point latrine pits for the fact that Steven did not want to exchange his little snuff box on his dice, which he won forty times in the headstock. Steven is counting the days until Christmas, when he goes home. He recalls how his family argued about Parnell - Mr. Casey's father and considered him a hero, Dent condemned, and my mother and uncle Charles were on no side. It's called politics. Stephen did not quite understand what the policy and does not know where it ends the universe, so it feels small and weak. Klongouz Jesuit College, where she was studying, Stephen - a privileged institution, and Steven seems that almost all boys' fathers - Justices of the Peace. Steven was sick and he was placed in the infirmary. He imagines how he will die and how he will be buried, and Wells regret that pushed it to the point restroom. Then Stephen imagines how to Dublin from England brought the body of Parnell. At the Christmas holidays, Stephen comes home and sits for the first time during the Christmas dinner at a table with adults, while his younger brothers and sisters are in the nursery. Adults at the table arguing about religion and about Parnell. Mr. Cas
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