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Great Expectations
Charles Dickens
Great Expectations
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Great Expectations in 1,000 words:
In the vicinity of Rochester, the old town to the south-east of London, lived a boy of seven, known as Pip. He left without parents, and his "own hands" brought an older sister, who "had the rare ability to draw something a little more clarity in the uncomfortable and unpleasant than any dirt." With Pip she spoke as if he was "taken under the supervision of the police and handed over to her obstetrician with a suggestion - to act according to the law." Her husband was a blacksmith Joe Gargery - blond giant, flexible and simple-minded, but he did his best to defend Pipa. This amazing story told by Pip, started in the day when he came to the cemetery with a runaway convict. He demanded on pain of death bring a "grub and podpilok" to get rid of the shackles. How much effort was worth the boy secretly gather and pass a bundle! It seemed that every plank after screaming: "Stop thief!" But it was even harder not to betray himself. As soon ceased to gossip about the convicts, as a stranger in a tavern silently showed him podpilok and gave two pounds a ticket (of course, from whom and for what). As time went on. Pip was visiting a strange house, where life came to a standstill on the day of the failed wedding hostess, Miss Havisham. She never grew old without seeing the light, sitting in a decayed wedding dress. The boy was supposed to entertain the ladies, playing cards with her and her young ward, Estella beauty. Miss Havisham Estella chosen instrument of revenge to all th
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