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Dombey and Son
Charles Dickens
Dombey and Son
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Dombey and Son in 1,000 words:
The action takes place in the middle of the XIX century. In one of ordinary London evening in the life of Mr. Dombey is the greatest event - he has a son. From now on, his company (one of the largest in the City!) In the management of which he sees the meaning of his life, will once again not only in name, but actually "Dombey and Son." Because before that Mr. Dombey was not the offspring, except for a six-year daughter, Florence. Mr. Dombey happy. He is congratulated by his sister, Mrs. Chick and her friend, Miss Tox. But with the joy came into the house and woe - Mrs. Dombey did not make a delivery, and died embracing Florence. On the recommendation of Miss Tox's house nurse Polly Toodle take. She sincerely sympathize with the forgotten father of Florence, and to spend more time with the girl, strikes up a friendship with her governess Susan Nipper, and convinces Mr. Dombey, that kid is useful to spend more time with his sister. In the meantime, the old master of the ship tools, Solomon Giles with his friend Captain Cuttle celebrate the launch of his nephew Giles Walter Gay in the firm "Dombey and Son." They joke that someday he would marry the daughter of the owner. After the baptism of Dombey-son (he was given the name of Paul), his father as a sign of gratitude to Polly Toodle announces his decision to give it to his eldest son Rob education. This news makes Poly attack homesickness, and, despite the ban on Mr. Dombey, with Susan Pauly during a regular stroll with the
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