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A Hero of Our Time
Mikhail Lermontov
A Hero of Our Time
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A Hero of Our Time in 1,000 words:
A Hero of Our Time 1840 Summary of the novel Casting Time: 15-20 min. in the original - 2-3 hours Bela 1830s. The conquest of the Caucasus, who knew when Aleksei Petrovich Ermolov much more "heady days", is nearing completion. "Alien Force", of course, burdened, "the edge of the holy liberty," and he naturally resents, but not enough to cover the Military Gruzinskuyudorogu. She's the author is found, an officer of Russian colonial troops from the Caucasian War veteran staff captain Maxim Maksimych. Prior to Vladikavkaz, where we keep the way CSKA, not too far away, but ice and a sudden storm forces them to stop twice for the night. Under the gulls from the iron pot and tells Max Maksimych curious, as all writing and recording people, the actual occurrence of the companion of his life. It is now fifty-year captain reckoned something of a quartermaster, and five years ago he was still an officer in parade - the commandant of the fortress and a guard standing with his company in just pacifying Chechnya. Sometimes, of course, every - "every day the danger" ("people all around the wild") - but in the general pacification with the "savages" zamiriteli live as neighbors, while in the "boring" castle does not appear Grigory Alexandrovich Pechorin, a brilliant Guardsman, translated polusoslanny the army and the Caucasus for some scandalously svetskuyuprovinnost. After serving under the Maxim Maksimych about a year, twenty-five lieutenant, who looked thin, but a little white, ma
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