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Bleak House
Charles Dickens
Bleak House
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Bleak House in 1,000 words:
Childhood Esther Sammerston held in Windsor, the home of her godmother, Miss Barbary. The girl feels lonely and often sentences, referring to his best friend, golden doll, "You know perfectly well, a doll that I am a fool, so just be good, do not be angry with me." Esther seeks to learn the secret of his origin, and begs the cross tell us anything about his mother. One day Miss Barbary does not stand up and sternly says: "Your mother has covered itself with shame, and you had brought shame on her. Forget about it ... "How then, after returning from school, Esther finds a stranger in the house of an important gentleman. After looking girl, he says something like "Ah," then "Yes" and leaves ... Esther was fourteen years old when her godmother dies suddenly. What could be worse than orphaned twice! After the funeral, there is the same gentleman by the name of Kenge and on behalf of a Mr. Jarndyce, informed of the sad situation of a young lady who has put her in first-class educational institution, where she is in no way will need and prepare for the "fulfillment of duty in the public arena." Girl with gratitude the offer and a week later, equipped with an abundance of everything necessary, leaving the town of Reading, in the board of Miss Donny. There were twelve girls learn, and a future teacher, Esther, with her good nature and desire to help, won their sympathy and love. So runs six happiest years of her life. Upon graduation, John Jarndyce (the guardian, as Esther call
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