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Alcestis in 1,000 words:
This is a tragedy with a happy ending. In the dramatic competitions in Athens was the custom of every poet represented the 'trilogy', three of the tragedy, or even pick up each other on the topics (as in Aeschylus), and after them, to discharge gloomy mood - "satirovskih drama," where the characters and the action was also from the myths, but the chorus certainly consisted of a merry satyr, goat-footed, and caudate companions of Dionysus the god of wine, respectively, and the plot was chosen for her fun and fabulous. But the chorus of satyrs fit was not possible for every myth, and here the poet Euripides tried to make the final drama and with a fantastic storyline, and with a happy ending, but without any satyrs. This was "Alkestida." Fantastic story here - the struggle of Hercules with Death. The Greeks, like all the nations represented when that death - is a monstrous demon who comes to the dying man, grabs him and takes away the soul into the underworld. Seriously in this demon had long been believed and talked about him not myths and fairy tales. For example, how cunning Sisyphus captures death by surprise, put in chains and kept in captivity for a long time, so people stopped dying on the ground, and Zeus himself had to intervene and restore order. Or, as the main hero of Greek mythology, Hercules worker, once seized with death hand to hand, overpowered her and tore her soul, which is already carried away the demon of the underworld. It was the soul of a young queen
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