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Anna Snegina
Sergey Yesenin
Anna Snegina
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Anna Snegina in 1,000 words:
The action takes place in Ryazan land during the spring of 1917 to 1923 narrative is the name of the author-poet Sergei Esenin; image "epic" event is passed through the attitude toward them lyrical. The first chapter deals with the poet's journey to their homes after the hardships of World War II, to which he was. The driver tells about life of his fellow villagers - Radovsky wealthy men. In radovtsev is a constant war with the poor man's country Kriushi. The neighbors are stealing timber, arrange dangerous scandals, one of which it comes to the murder of Sergeant. After the trial, and radovtsev "began neuryady, rein slipped from happiness." The hero reflects on a disastrous fate, recalling how "for someone else's interest," shot and "feeding his brother climbed." The poet refused to take part in the massacre - straightened himself, "lime" and "became the first deserter of the country." Guest warmly welcomed in the house of a miller, where he was four years old. After a samovar hero goes to the barn through the overgrown garden of lilacs - and in memory there "were pretty far away" - a girl in a white robe, said kindly: "No!" The second chapter deals with the events of the next day. Awakened miller hero enjoys the beauty of the morning, a white haze of apple orchard. And again, as if in opposition to this - the thought of innocent mutilated by the war cripple. From the old miller, he again heard about the clashes with the radovtsev kriushanami, that now, when the Kin
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