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Doctor Pascal
Émile Zola
Doctor Pascal
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Doctor Pascal in 1,000 words:
Dr. Pascal - sixty scientist, physician-innovator, from his pen out medical works. He is responsible for doctoring, using their own methods, and giving hope to patients. He is interested in questions of heredity. On the example of his own family, he creates his theory of heredity, based on data compiled by his family tree. The mother of Pascal, Felicite, - eighty women revel in their position and status in society, impeccable family secrets that might tarnish the glory of Rougon. In 1851, Rougon Plassan saved from anarchy, contributing to the recognition of a coup. Felicite sought to destroy the works of his son, exhibited in a bad light of their family inheritance. Pascal lives far away from civilization, in a house with love in his faithful servant Martin, and student-niece Clotilde twenty-six. Clotilde's brother, Maxim, fifteen years ago at the age of seventeen became the father of the child, which gave birth to a servant, and was destined to become a victim of degeneration of the genus. Charles was umstvennootstalym, as well as his own great-grandmother, Adelaide Phuc, who for twenty years was in the house for the insane in Tyulet. Charles was handsome and graceful, but on the face of his impending death was read print - the investigation of degeneration. Somehow, Pascal, Clotilde, Felicite and Max went to the old vosmidesyatitrehletnemu Uncle McCarthy, an old drunk, it seemed "preserve in alcohol." In the past he was a bandit, and Felicite had long dreamed about how t
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