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Émile Zola
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Germinal in 1,000 words:
Mechanic Etienne Lanta, exiled from the railway station for the head slap, tries to get a job in the pit of Mons, near the town thief in the village of two hundred and forty. There are no jobs anywhere, miners are starving. Place for him at the mine was found only because the day before his arrival in one of the thief died otkatchits. Old miner Mae, whose daughter Katrina is working with him in the second mine otkatchitsey takes Lanta in his gang. The work unbearably difficult, and the fifteen-year-Katrina looks haggard forever. Mahe, his son Zachary, porters, and Levac Shaval work, then lying on his back, on his side, squeezing in a mine nearly two feet in width: thin coal seam. At slaughter unbearable stuffiness. Katrina and Etienne ride the trolley. The first day was Etienne decides to leave the thief: this daily hell is not for him. In his eyes, the company carries for the miners that are poorly cared for his own safety. The silent slave miners struck it. Just think of Katrina, the memory of her forced him to stay in the village for some time. Mae live in unimaginable poverty. They always have the shopkeeper, they do not have enough for bread, and his wife Mae have no choice but to go with children in the estate of Piola, owned by landlords Gregoire. Gregoire, co-owners of the mines, sometimes helping the poor. The hosts found in the manor of Mahe and her children all the signs of degeneration, and handed her a pair of old children's dresses, teach the lesson of thrift
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