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A History of New York
Washington Irving
A History of New York
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A History of New York in 1,000 words:
A History of New York from the Creation to the end of the Dutch Dynasty, contains many of the stories about the amazing and amusing events and inexplicable thought of doubting Walter, the disastrous projects of William stubborn and knightly deeds Tverdogolovogo Peter, the three Dutch governors of New Amsterdam, the only authentic history of those times of all that has ever been or will be published, written Didrihom Knickerbocker In a New York hotel in 1808 settled a short, smart old man, and lived long in it, does not paying the owners, so that they eventually became worried and began to make inquiries about who he is and what is involved. Seeing that he was a writer, and decided that it was a new political party, the hostess hinted to him about the fee, but the old man was offended and said that he has a treasure that is worth more than all of its hotel. After a while the old man disappeared, and hoteliers have decided to publish the rest of the manuscript in his room to repair the damage. Diedrich Knickerbocker (the so-called old man) wrote a "History of New York." He calls his predecessors of Herodotus, Xenophon, Sallust, and others, and devotes his work in New York Historical Society-sky. Usnaschaya his arguments by references to ancient philosophers and historians, Knickerbocker began his work with a description similar to the orange of the Earth, who once "got it into her head that she should be turned as a wayward young lady in the verhnegollandskom waltz." The
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