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George Orwell
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1984 in 1,000 words:
The action takes place in 1984 in London, the capital of Runway Number One, a province of Oceania. Winston Smith, a short frail man of thirty-nine years is going to start keeping a diary in an old thick notebooks, recently bought in a junk shop. If you find a diary, Winston is waiting for death or twenty-five convict camps. In his room, as in any dwelling or the office, a wall mounted TV screen, clock works, and to the reception and transmission. The police thought overhears every word and watching every move. Everywhere pasted posters: a huge man's face with a thick black mustache, his eyes gazing directly at the viewer. The caption: "Big Brother is watching you." Winston wants to record their doubts about the teachings partii.On sees around him in a miserable life is nothing like the ideals sought by the party. He hates Big Brother and the Party does not recognize the slogans "War - it is peace, freedom - is slavery, ignorance - force." The party ordered only believe it, but not their own eyes and ears. Winston writes in his diary: "Freedom - is to say that twice two is four." He was aware that commits mysleprestuplenie. Mysleprestupnika will inevitably be arrested, he is destroyed, or, as they say, is sprayed. The family had become an appendage of the Police of thoughts, even the children are taught to follow their parents and to inform on them. Inform on one another's neighbors and colleagues. Winston works in the department of documentation in the Ministry of Truth in
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