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Animal Farm
George Orwell
Animal Farm
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Animal Farm in 1,000 words:
Mr. Jones owns Manor Farm near the town of Willingdon in England. Old Major gathers burs in a large barn at night all the animals that live here. He says that they are living in slavery and poverty, because the person appropriates the fruits of their labor, and calls for rebellion: we must get rid of man and animals immediately become free and rich. Mayor begins to sing an old song, "Beasts of England". Animals picked up in unison. Preparations for an uprising assume pigs, which are considered the most intelligent animals. Among them are Napoleon, Snowball and Squealer. They turn into a coherent doctrine of Major philosophical system called Animalism and set out its foundations rest on the secret gatherings. The most faithful disciples are dray horses Boxer and Clover. The uprising is sooner than you might expect, as Jones drinks, and his staff really abandoned farm and stopped to feed the cattle. Tolerance of animals coming to an end, they pounce on their tormentors and banish them. Now the farm, barnyard animals belong to the Manor. They destroy everything that reminds them of the host, and leave his house as a museum, but none of them should never be there zhit.Usadbe give a new name: "Animal Farm". Principles of Animalism pigs reduced to seven commandments, and write them on the wall of the barn. As it is now and forever have to live on the "barnyard" animals: A. All bipedal - enemies. Two. All four-legged and winged - friends. Three. Animals should not wear clothes.
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