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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Lewis Carroll
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in 1,000 words:
The heroine of the book, a girl named Alice, begins its journey in Wonderland unexpectedly for itself: razomlevshaya from heat and idleness Alice when she noticed the rabbit, which in itself is not surprising, but it was a rabbit, not only speakers (which at that moment, too, Alice not surprised), but also the owner of a pocket watch, and in addition it somewhere in a hurry. Burning with curiosity, Alice threw him into the den and found ... in the vertical tunnel for which fast (or not? Because she had time to notice what is on the shelves on the walls, and even grabbed a jar with the label "orange marmalade", unfortunately empty) fell into the ground. But all ends in this world, and ended ALISIN fall, and quite well: it was in the great hall, the Rabbit was gone, but Alice saw a lot of doors, and on the table - a small golden key, which she managed to open the door to a wonderful garden, but to pass there was not Alice was too great. But she immediately turned up the bottle labeled "Drink me", despite the inherent caution to Alice, she is still drunk from the bottle and began to decrease, so much so that the frightened, as if it had not happened that happens to a candle flame, when blow out the candle. Well, that was lying nearby cake labeled "Eat me"; eating it, Alice vymahal to such an extent that was to say goodbye to their feet, remaining somewhere far below. It's all here was a strange and unpredictable. Even the multiplication table for a long time and learned poems ou
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