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Gone With the Wind
Margaret Mitchell
Gone With the Wind
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Gone With the Wind in 1,000 words:
April 1861 plantation Tara, straggling in the twenty-five miles from Atlanta, Georgia. Twins Tarleton, Stewart and Brent, in love with the charming daughter of the owner of Tara, Scarlett's sixteen, she reported two novosti.Vo first, was about to start a war between North and South. Second, Ashley Wilkes marries Melanie Hamilton, to be announced tomorrow, when the house Wilkes held a great reception. News of the impending war for Scarlett - nothing compared with the message of marriage Ashley. Subject sighing almost all young people parishes, Scarlett she loves Ashley, who, as it seems, and he is not indifferent to it. She can not grasp what he found in Melanie, this very present blue stocking. Scarlett shares her experiences with her father, Gerald O'Hara, but convinced that his daughter, and Ashley is not a perfect match. He admits that, though well disposed to the young Wilkes, to fully understand it may not. Yes, Ashley is able to drink and play poker better than other young people, but he does it without a soul, as if obeying the conventions of current perceptions. Where are more attracted to Ashley's books, music, pictures, and it is simple and straightforward puzzles Irishman. He frankly tells his daughter that he would be happy to leave it to Tara if she married someone toesche - around enough decent young men. Scarlett throws in the hearts that she had nothing to do with Tara and the whole land of absolutely nothing. Father cuts off sharply ee and inspire, that th
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